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Model United Nations (MUN) enables students to learn critical social skills that will help them throughout life. DYPMUN is ideated with the same thought of engaging and encouraging students to discuss and evaluate complex issues, to draw conclusions and make decisions concerning global issues. It is a wonderful opportunity for our young students to increase their confidence level, to learn how to negotiate and to hone themselves as leaders.  May our students “find their voice” through DYPMUN 2020.​

It is with immense pride and honour that we, Sana Mehta and Pratham Dave, welcome you to the 5th annual DY Patil Model United Nations conference. We live in a world plagued by myriad important crises, ranging from the ongoing pandemic and vulnerabilities in our educational and health systems to political polarisation and increasing societal inequity. Thus, it is now more important than ever for the youth of today to be catalysts for change. 

Inspired by the efforts of global leaders to mitigate the ongoing crisis, DYPMUM this year hosts 4 committees, which discuss a diverse set of agendas and foster spirited debate and the development of viable solutions to some of the most paramount crises.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), discusses the ongoing Afghan crisis, with an emphasis on the role of external stakeholders. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) discusses international reproductive rights. The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) discusses biological weapons and warfare, which have become a topic of intense debate as a result of the COVID-19. The Futuristic Crisis Committee, whose substance and debate will be driven by constant crisis updates, wherein you will be debating a futuristic Nagorno Karabakh Conflict. 

The core purpose of the United Nations is to tackle the world’s issues and maintain peace by fostering international cooperation and communication. DYPMUN 2021 embodies that purpose and aims to leverage its unique ability to consolidate students from several cultural backgrounds to collaborate and work towards a unified goal - devising plausible solutions to tackle the most critical global issues.

Spirited debate and competition, as we all know, makes any conference memorable, and this year the entire Executive Body and Secretariat have worked tirelessly to ensure DYPMUN 2021 is as competitive, constructive and exciting as possible. We look forward to welcoming hard-working, well-research, and diplomatic delegates whose zeal and debate will make this conference a success!

Both of us are eagerly looking forward to this conference, supervising young minds and getting a deep dive into their innovative insights on how to deal with modern-day crisis! all the best to all delegates, looking forward to seeing you at this years DYPMUN!!

Sana Mehta & Pratham Dave,
Secretary Generals.