We aspire to be a school from which students gain a sense of personal accomplishment, self-confidence and a lifelong love for learning. By fostering critical thinking through the inquiry process, our students develop a broad range of competencies for their future endeavors. We value a strong partnership where parents contribute to the education and success of their children.


To create a community of life-long learners working together in a caring, challenging and nurturing environment that encourages enthusiasm, international mindedness, independence and responsibility where academic and personal potential can be achieved.



DYPMUN was founded in January 2018 by Dua Haryanawalla and Saumya Mehta. It was instituted with the objective to spark conversation and debate about topics that hold global relevance amongst students in the school. Moreover, the MUN aimed to foster essential 21st century skills such as critical-thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning amongst students, which I believe students should incur at a young age.

I vaguely remember the first edition of the MUN receiving over 160 registrations, a surprising outcome given the fact that the activity was relatively new to the school. The committees that were offered in the first edition of the conference ranged from actual United Nations committees discussing bonafide agendas to creative additions such as FIFA and a Shark Tank committee for social development.
Saumya Mehta

Hey MUNners! I am so happy to see our efforts blossom. I understand it is going to be a different experience but always remember, YOU pave your own path. I am sure this MUN will be as interactive and successful as the past MUNs. Attend workshops, enhance your skills and take interest with your heart so that when delegates from other schools participate, they understand the glory of DYPMUN. More importantly, have fun, encourage each other and take away memorable experiences. My best wishes to everyone and super proud of the efforts and teamwork being invested!
Dua Haryanawalla