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Des possibilités infinies


Model United Nations (MUN) enables students to learn critical social skills that will help them throughout life. DYPMUN is ideated with the same thought of engaging and encouraging students to discuss and evaluate complex issues, to draw conclusions and make decisions concerning global issues. It is a wonderful opportunity for our young students to increase their confidence level, to learn how to negotiate and to hone themselves as leaders. May our students “find their voice” through DYPMUN 2020.​

Dear Delegates, 

It is with tremendous pleasure that we announce the inauguration of the 2nd DYP Junior MUN after the success in our last Junior MUN in the past year. We are ready for the challenges of this year's MUN! Keeping the current circumstances in mind, we have decided to go entirely virtual this year, with 4 unique and enthralling committee’s. We strive to imbibe our theme- ‘Des Possibilités Infinies’ which means The Infinite Possibilities. 
We courteously invite you to the DYP Junior MUN, which has been planned intricately by the Executive Board to give you an experience of a lifetime, and to make sure that you have been provided with all the necessary support, guidance and motivation. We strongly believe in expressing your opinion and moreover bringing out the best in every DYPMUN Delegate. MUN not only will benefit you on the academic level but also help you enhance your confidence, speech making and delivering skills, diplomacy skills, social as well as research skills.
At DYPMUN, we respect and value your opinion, your thoughts and your perspectives. We aim to bring out the best in each delegate. Being the future generation, today we have the chance to change the world, change it into a fair, lively, and graceful world bringing prosperity, security and solidarity within each individual. Everyday we get a chance to do something different, to change the world! So why not start now? Prepare yourself and seize this opportunity to bring a change. We aim to bring together young leaders, to engage and participate in some of the most contentious and pressing issues of our time. 

The DYPMUN team looks forward to seeing you at the MUN conference!


Ansh Zota & Veer Sheth

Joint-Secretary Generals of DYPMUN Junior '20.




Junior MUN: Created by Kahan Doshi, Jai Nichani & Aahaan Sheth